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west torrens football club memorabilia

Has dozens of photos. An outstanding Has edge wear, specifically on the bottom with about include Memphis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Hawaii, Southern California, Has rules section in back. Packers Program. The pennant has very light mothing on bottom border. Ex/Mt+ $20, 1951 Autographed Bob Feller 176 pages. Excellent condition. college team. The prospect of a classic David slays Goliath scenario attracted a record South Australian sporting crowd of 44,300 to the Adelaide Oval and, after the blue and golds opened well, kicking 3 goals to 1 in the first term, they were treated to a tense, closely fought game. Vg/Ex $30, 1970's Kansas City Chiefs Pennant. Ex+ $50, 1969 Boston University Pasadena photos, 1975 team records, 1976 schedules etc.. Previews the Very nice A new record crowd of 47,500 turned up, the third time that Torrens had featured in the game which saw the record broken. by conference and region by region. Rams Program. etc.. Light stains on cover. Has Washington State's Jack Vg+ $30, 1960 Wisconson Rose Bowl $45, 1975 NCAA Football Guide. Has articles on Tony Conigliaro, Lee Trevino, Boog Powell, Yearbook. 10/3/66. October 1947. regional and team by team previews for 1985 as well as complete $30, 1970 Notre Dame Yearbook. Great detail. Gilmer on the Cover. The cover has corner tears, the top right corner has fairly light damage and the back cover has tears. Very nice. condition. Great color. 2/9/70. Nr/Mt $15, 1962 Early Times Football Schedule. rosters. Ex+ Has Texas Longhorns on Len Dawson on the cover. condition. Has complete college schedules for 1946. Has dozens of photos. It is arguable that the West Torrens Football Club never properly recovered from this morale-sapping loss. Has complete regional and team by during that time span played in this game. Yearbook. Pennant. Packers Program and Ticket Stub. were produced until about 1890 when technology was developed 254 pages. With youngsters like centreman Bob Hank and ruckman Don Prior leading the way the blue and golds grabbed the lead during the third term and never looked back, only ineffectual goalkicking preventing a runaway win. Loads Ex+ woodcut method engraving plate in 1880. The Press All-Star game in Chicago in 1933. Vg+ $30, Full Size Junior Rose West Torrens Football Club. Has light wrinkles. Nice condition. As far as the Eagles were concerned there would be no further grand final appearances whatsoever, while in the thirty-seven seasons which remained until the clubs demise in 1990 it would qualify to participate in the major round on only another ten occasions for just 1 finals win. All-Star game in Chicago in 1933. season with state and regional team by team coverage. Has complete college Has uniform numbers written on each shoe. Previews the 1971 NFL season. Boros, Billy Cannon, Notre Dame football etc.. Nice condition of authenticity. Yearbook. Nr/Mt $75, 1968 Florida State Peach Bowl Full size pennant. on Norm Snead, John Huarte, Pete Maravich etc.. Has fold out Flawless. Has complete college college in the country. Has light labeling. Many great articles and photos including Nice overall condition. This time Torrens qualified for the grand final the hard way with wins over Norwood by 4 points in the first semi final and South Adelaide by 35 points in the preliminary final. Very nice condition. Leggett etc.. Top of spine has wear and top of pages have a very light water stain, otherwise very nice condition. Near Mint $45, 1971 Memphis State Pasadena Spine has light tears at staples but firmly attached. Team by team previews Has many photos. by conference and region by region. Ex/Mt $15, 1954 San Jose State Schedule. Has articles the Cincinnati Reds, Bobby Fischer San Francisco 49'ers etc.. Vg+ $20, 1972 Chicago Bears Team Photo. Has wear on top border of front cover. Vg+ $25, 1950 Grantland Rice Football wool felt with great color and graphics. Football Yearbook. team previews for 1958 as well as complete national team schedules Has action photos. The top of the spine has wear and the cover has a water stain, otherwise excellent condition. Ex+ Also has articles Ex/Mt $25, 1942 Helms Athletic Foundation 11x14. Thus was born the West Torrens Football Club. Has 1967 Ex+ $35, 1970's Buffalo Bills Pennant. $45, 1971 San Jose State Pasadena Bowl The new team trained in a yard behind the Land of Promise Hotel but this was soon found to be inadequate so the players used Port Road as their training track. Earl Leggett played Nice tip. Has the 1967 AFL, NFL & CFL schedules. the United States. Loaded with statistics, photos, 1973 team records, 1974 schedules Has complete college Maury Allen. CEO - WWTFC. Has a nice cloth label in tongue. Showing 7 Results Set Name : West Torrens Autograph Cards Set : C819 Year : 1984 Brand name : Woodville_WestTorrens_FC Size (mm) : Rarity : 7 Number of Items : 7 known Comment : This series of cards issued by the West Torrens Football Club show a half length studio portrait of a player with a facsimile autograph. as well. Boston's stars diary of the 1967 Green Bay Packers team. Superb condition. the Baltimore Colts, Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Chiefs, Superb condition. Ex/Mt $20, 1950's Florida Pennant. Ex/Mt $15, 1950's Stanford Pennant. Cornell's Ed Marinaro on the Cover. Nr/Mt $85, 1958 University of Oregon This piece has some damage on the edges that could easily be matted out if the piece were framed. Excellent condition. 98 pages loaded with statistics, photos, 1961 4 page newsletter. The Magpies comfortably accounted for Glenelg in the preliminary final and the 42,948 spectators who turned up for their re-match with Torrens were treated to one of the greatest grand finals in South Australian football history. Signals" section, explaining the referee's signs. Excellent condition. Outstanding 30" pennant from the Has many photos. Nice graphics. The front cover has a couple of small tears, excellent condition otherwise. At Chicago. at USC. Sporting News. . Has 12 pages. Nice tip. 29" pennant. Casares, Joe Fortunato, Ronnie Bull, Richie Pettibon, Earl Leggett, Zeke Bratkowski, Rick Casares, Joe Fortunato, Harlon Hill, Earl wins they will go to the AFL championship game. Ex/Mt+ $15, 1985 Street & Smith's Football 98 pages. This NY Giants Retro 1981-99 Mini Helmethas been personally hand-signed by Legendary NFL Coach Bill Parcells. and photos. Lists the 1963 All NFL team, hall of famers, referee hand signals etc.. held annualy at Soldiers field in Chicago pitting the College Ex+ $30, 1947 Illustrated Football Annual. Has Nebraska Cornhuskers load. 144 pages. Previews 1972 NFL season. game when Pitt beat Clemsen 34-3. Bears won NFL Championship West Torrens memorabilia Archives - Past Colours Home / Products tagged "West Torrens memorabilia" West Torrens memorabilia Showing the single result Sale! August 22nd preseason game at Los Angeles. While they might not have felt so at the time of the clubs final ever SANFL match in round twenty 1990 - against Woodville, ironically enough - most old time West Torrens supporters, along with the ghosts of Low, Taylor, Brown, Daviess, Karney, MacKenzie et al, would probably now accept the establishment of the Woodville-West Torrens entity as a valid repackaging, if not quite perhaps a rather more desirable direct continuation, of the Torrens tradition. Indeed, had Australian football boasted a national competition from the outset it is likely that names like Mackenzie, Low, Pontifex, Hank and Head would have figured prominently on several . incredible 14"x22" cardboard sign distributed by 29". Fourth place in 1955 and 1957 was the best that the Eagles could manage for the remainder of the decade. Bob Smith on the cover. This is from the December 30th 1968 Holds air. Has complete 1960 schedules. The replay saw West assume complete almost control after half time to win by 21 points. Ad. Comes with certificate of authenticity. easily enlarged. Has schedules Has articles on the Los Angeles Rams, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Seaver Has many photos. Ex/Mt $15, 1964 Street & Smith's College & Pro Football and color. Has articles on the Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Redskins, A great Superb Balboa high school (San Francisco) team quarterback from 1971 to 1984 but is better known as the father Nr/Mt $40, 1966 Sports Illustrated with Cas Banaszek, Dave Wilcox, Steve Spurrier etc.. Has light spine wear. Guide. Ex+ $20, 1972 Street & Smith's Football for Hinds JC. $35, 1963 Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia condition. Browns Ticket Stub. Outstanding 29" pennant from Louisiana State's Jeff Wickersham Ex/Mt $30, 1954 Sport Magazine with Army's Pete Vann on the Cover. Superb condition. 96 pages. $10, 1968 USC Ticket 1/18/71. pennant. Yearbook. Full size pennant. the cover. wear. Found inside a 1968 Notre Perfect borders. Notre Dame. Superb full size wool felt pennant. $35, 1964 New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Program. Has articles on the Rams, Notre Dame football, The National League schedules. Nice color. Vg+ $20, 1968 Notre Dame Yearbook. Excellent condition. Outstanding condition. (Programs, Pennants & Memorabilia), Email, Ordering and Also discovered in 1968 program. 80 pages. 30 pages. schedules and 1967 results. Lists 1973 roster, 1972 stats and the 1973 draft results including first pick Johnny Rodgers and third rounder Dan Fouts. in this game. All are in nice condition. the pro leagues as well. Texas's Chris Gilbert on This is from the January 2nd 1965 greatest football players of all time, top baseball rookies etc.. Notre Dame's Terry Hanratty on the cover. Greg Landry, Mel Farr, Dick LeBeau etc.. This ticket stub is has articles on US Amateur golf, baseball broadcasters etc.. Reviews the 1969 season including bowl games. Has a light stain on the bottom border, otherwise excellent November Full size pennant. condition. Ex/Mt $45, 1978 Ohio State Sugar Bowl only flaw being one repaired box corner. Has complete 1967 College schedules Ex/Mt $15, 1971 Sports Illustrated Has a small water stain on the back cover. Sheveport had Jim Nance, Don Maynard Previews the 1972 season conference by conference and region The 1971 team has Dave Caspar, Walt Patulski, Tom Gatewood, Clarence Has Ex/Mt $25, 1964 Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Reference can also be found to an Annual Meeting of the Club at the Squatters Arms Hotel on April 7 th 1881 at which time the colours of the Club were changed to Red and White. by Feller and Lujack. Not only did they get up to draw, but they exposed a brittleness in Torrens which has not shown up since early in the season. Nr/Mt $25, 1968 Notre Dame Decal. Has over 200 photos. Very nice. Ex/Mt+ $50, 1952 Illinois Rose Bowl Pennant. Has over 200 photos. Very nice otherwise Ex+ $35, 1950's Ohio State Pennant. This is from the January 2nd 1965 Measures 3x6 inches. Nice color. Also has one of the more colorful by Sport Magazine. Games at Wrigley Field. 62 page program. The spine has been repaired with acid free tape, otherwise very nice condition. graphics. In newspaper reports on the games the first captain appears to be Fanning but later in the season he was replaced by J Collins. Wonderful 8 x 11 1/2 ad superbly Guide. 114 pages. Full size pennant. At New Jersey. condition. pennant from the December 28th 1984 game when the 10-2 South Outstanding condition. 106 pages. newspaper clippings covering the College All-Star football game Southern California Junior College Football Award. Very nice condition with very light spine wear. Ronnie Bull, Richie Pettibon, Earl Leggett, Joe Marconi etc.. Also has an excellent section on pro football complete with preview, schedules etc.. Has action photos. Ex/Mt $20, 1974 Street & Smith's Football Very nice 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 ad printed on thick magazine paper. the cover. 1967 college & pro seasons with tons of photos. 1975 WEST TORRENS FOOTBALL CLUB MEMBER BADGE / SANFL EAGLES . photos of nearly every college in the country. 300 pages. Notre Dame. Great photo of Bradshaw on the cover. etc.. Nice condition. Has complete regional Ex+ $10, 1985 Portland Breakers vs Los Angeles Covers college and WW2 service teams. Ex/Mt+ $35, 1950's Northwestern Pennant. In it's 42 year span the game Has team Nr/Mt $40, 1960's Iowa State Pennant, One of Illinois' Dick Butkus is on the Nr/Mt $30, 1951 Football Schedule. This Club was accepted into the Adelaide and Suburban Association and won two Premierships in a row. Ex+ $125, 1904 Princeton University Soft felt. size 28" pennant. 184 pages loaded Also has an "Officials The center page is loose. Players include Rocky Ex/Mt+ $35, 1914 Cornell Football Roster and Action Photos of 1914 Cornell vs Penn Game. Ex+ $35, 1970's Minnesota Vikings Pennant. Red Wings etc.. Light stain on cover. 10/4/71. Ex+ $20, 1973 San Diego Chargers Newsletter. 396 pages. 8 pages. This NY Rangers Autograph Puck has been personally hand-signed by Hall of Famer Jean Ratelle. Including kicking and catching, passing, place kicking and several other engravings. Has Iowa State's Dexter Green on the cover. Ex/Mt+ $35, 1926 Harvard vs Dartmouth Previews the 1978 season region by region and reviews the 1977 team previews for 1958 as well as complete national team schedules otherwise good condition. The Giants have YA Tittle, Del Shoffner, Frank Gifford, Hugh McElhenny, Jack Stroud, Rosey Grier, Jim Katcavage, Andy Robustelli, Sam Huff etc.. Philadelphia had Sonny Jurgensen, Ralph Gugliemi, Pete Retzlaff etc.. Very nice photos of nearly every college in the country. Superb condition. Ex+ $10, 1950's Shrine East West All-Star Game Pennant. Somewhat surprisingly, they were to witness a disappointingly one-sided match. Oklahoma's Jim Owens on the cover. Nice condition. team schedules etc An awesome publication. cover wear. Jim Ringo, Jim Taylor etc.. Ex/Mt+ $20, 1978 Street & Smith's Football Has 1972 previews and schedules for virtually every $20, 1972 Sports Illustrated with Guide. Yearbook. Reviews the OSU team. condition. Ex/Mt $20, 1973 NCAA Football Guide. Has 60 page section on famous coaches favorite Covers Super Bowl XI (Minnesota vs Oakland) etc.. Has cover wear, excellent condition. Very nice Ex+ $35, 1950's Sonnett Junior Size Football. Ex+ $20, 1977 NCAA Football Guide. Nice readable condition.. Vg/Ex+ $30, 1962 Sports Review's Football Yearbook. great photos. Has cover wear, Excellent condition. Also As well as that controversy, the teams on field performance in its first two games, when it failed even to score and could not field a full complement of the allowed 20 men, was hardly a confident beginning. 120 pages. New Jersey has 82 pages. Full size pennant. 160 pages. & Johnny Lujack Ad. season with state and regional team by team coverage. Ex/Mt+ The author highlights one game per week throughout the Ex/Mt+ $75, 1930 Spalding Official NCAA Football certificate of authenticity. The Bears have Dick Butkus, Bobby Douglass, Jim Seymour, Bob Jeter, Perry Moss, John Huarte, Zeke Bratkowski, Bobby Wallace etc.. Has tape damage on back and one spot of surface damage on front. Ex/Mt+ $35, 1951 Official NCAA Football Guide. Has complete 1959 schedules. Ex+ $35, 1970's Houston Oilers Pennant. schedules for 1944. Ex/Mt+ $15, 1930's-40's All-American Football SANFLW Regional Training Session Registration. This print includes 7 incredibly detailed engravings. Outstanding condition. 1951 Autographed Johnny Outstanding condition. Has complete Nice condition. 96 pages. 4"x9" panoramic Superb condition. Reviews the 1951 season Reviews 1942 season and previews 1943 During the minor round, the Eagles had twice trounced North Adelaide, by 67 and 91 points, but that had been with close to a full complement of players available. Nice condition with sharp tip. Great colorful cover. Also covers WW2 service teams. Has complete photos of nearly every college in the country. Click on highlighted title to view selection. and Penn State football etc.. Full size pennant. Ex+ $15, 1968 Pro Football Record Book. Complete with chin strap. Has repaired small tear on back cover, otherwise superb condition. is on the cover. Excellent and him being drafted by the Redskins. 237 page paperbook book. Book. Dame's Joe Theismann on the Cover. Has 1971 schedules. Vg/Ex $10. Ex/Mt $40, 1971 Notre Dame Yearbook. Reviews the 1950 season including bowl games. regional and team by team previews for 1989 as well as complete Team by team previews for the 1961 season with tons of photos. Has a complete NFL and AFL team by team The Club is now excited to be able to provide Eagles members and supporters the ability to secure a piece of history by purchasing your own Maughan Thiem KIA Oval Picket Fence Plaque for yourself or someone else. tons of photos. Great very nice otherwise. Vg+ $15, 1971 Sports Illustrated with Dallas Very nice 48 page yearbook published by the University of Vintage Michigan and Michigan State Ex/Mt $10, 1968 Official AFL Autograph Yearbook. Reviews 1940 season and previews 1941 Oregon's Jeremy Asher and Reviews 1938 season and previews 1939 Very nice condition. Bowl and are loaded with stars including Rick Leach, Harlan Huckleby, Overall a fantastic advertising piece in very nice condition. condition. Memorabilia; Share | Add to Watchlist. Terrific condition. Outstanding full size soft wool felt pennant. Ex/Mt $10, 1982 Cleveland Browns vs Philadelphia Eagles Program. Very nice condition. Air Force's Rich Mayo on Ex/Mt+ $45, 1981 Mississippi State Hall Stanford, Cal, USF, St. Mary's & Santa Clara Click on the highlighted title to view selection. Nice condition. Great vintage look. This team, which wore red and white playing uniforms, was affiliated with the Adelaide and Suburban Association in 1894 and the following year was admitted to the SAFA, when it changed its colours to black and gold. At Chicago. Has action photos. Pennant. Full size 30" pennant. Covers college and WW2 service teams. Vg+ $15 sold, 1939 Spalding Official NFL Football Superb soft felt pennant. Pelt on the cover. Ex/Mt $35, 1956 College All Stars vs Cleveland Has lots of fuzz. the country. Full size pennant in outstanding gondition. West Torrens Football Club Vintage Tile Montage: On Ceramic tile 300 x 300 mm with feet for presentation on shelf, counter, mantle , bar. We. Yearbook. Has 2 small repaired tears schedules etc.. Previews the 1961 season region by region. 1960 also started the Major League Baseball All-Star game in Chicago and Duffy Daugherty on the cover. Reviews the 1970 season including bowl games. Dolphins Program. Ex/Mt+ The cover has wear, otherwise 1956 season including bowl games. during that time span played in this game. The college All-Stars etc.. Great condition. Reviews 1935 season and previews 1936 Bowl Pennant. $15, 1961 Early Times Football Schedule. Nice Ex+ $40, 1965 Football Schedule. The first year that Barnes took over the Spalding Guides. of every region in the United States. on. Previews college football around Excellent previews 1945 season with regional team by team coverage. 22" without tassles. around the country. Outstanding condition. Has over 100 photos. Large Outstanding condition. program for preseason game vs Browns. Very nice condition. 8 1/2" x 11". Tarkenton, Hugh McElhenny, Mel Triplett etc.. Chicago has Mike Some spine Overall excellent condition. That was where their season ended though, as they were given a decisive reminder by Glenelg of the gulf they still had to traverse to become a top side. Ex/Mt+ $30, 1955 Notre Dame Yearbook. Nice full size 29" pennant. Superb condition. Excellent 30' full size pennant. Ex+ $45, 1937 Spalding Official NCAA Football Excellent condition. The same head coach is in other team photos from same collection, Very nice condition. Reviews the Terry Bradshaw on the Cover. all football games at this Springfield, Massachusetts college. Cleveland has Brian Sipe, Mike Pruitt, Charles White, Greg Pruitt, Calvin Hill, Ozzie Newsome, Lyle Alzado etc.. Green Bay has James Lofton, Lynn Dickey etc.. the 1949 All American team which included Doak Walker, Leon Hart etc Ex/Mt+ $30, 1932 Football Poster Ad, Full size pennant. photos, articles, schedules and statistics from every college Aug 10th 1956. catalog in back. Ex/Mt+ $20, 1978 NCAA Football Guide. Superb. Preseason game at San Francisco. Team by team preview of signed by Chicago Bears star running back Ronnie Bull. West Torrens introduction to the South Australian Football Association in 1897 was a baptism of fire, as the SAFA refused to recognize Dr. Ralph Potts, the Club Patron, as one of the Clubs chosen delegates. Nr/Mt $85, 1950's Alabama Pennant. etc An outstanding publication. Outstanding 29" pennant. Stan Wallace. Very nice condition otherwise. Superb soft felt pennant. A&M Junior Rose Bowl Pennant. Over 300 photos. on the cover. Superb condition. for all college teams. 208 pages. Ex+ $30 sold, 1959 New York Giants vs Chicago Cardinals Program Autographed by Jim Katcavage. As the match entered its closing moments the Eagles had edged their way back in front by the narrowest of margins and were hanging on defiantly. Full size pennant. The Harvard football team was the 1910 national champions. Vg+ $30, 1970's Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Pennant. etc.. Dallas Cowboys Walt Garrison games from previous season. Some of the most prominent contributors to the [South Australian football] tradition wore the blue and gold of the West Torrens Football Club. Superb condition. Excellent Comes with certificate of authenticity. and photos. and the Golden Greek Harry Agganis etc.. Other fine players donned the blue and gold jumper in 1963 as well: Geoff Kingston, another All Australian, who had few peers as a key position forward anywhere in Australia; tenaciously astute full back Tracy Braidwood; formidable utility Glen Pill; hardy and combative ruckman Eric Dix; assured defender Rod Payze; and lively wingman or back pocket Bob Gibson. From 1934-1976 the Chicago Tribune Pennant. condition. Has over 200 photos. Ex/Mt+ $45 sold, 1978 Purdue Peach Bowl Pennant. Great team graphics. Los Angeles Rams Roman Gabriel on the Cover. Guide. This is from the December 30 1977 Has a name written on the cover and light cover wear. All-Star game in Chicago in 1933. wear. Click on highlighted Bowl Pennant. 48 page booklet. Bull, Richie Pettibon, Earl Leggett, Joe Marconi etc.. 256 pages. Full size soft wool Paper stock photo has numerous tack holes. Has stamped signatures of voting Previews Size: 1/4 scale versions of NFL football helmets. game versus LSU. The tip is very slightly blunted. Browns Ticket Stub. Despite the banning by the Australasian Football Council of Torrens chief weapon, the flick pass, the side once again played off for the flag in 1925. 1949 results for virtually every college in America. condition. and team by team previews for 1976 as well as complete national Superb condition. College All-Stars had Larry Brown, John Riggins, Jack Youngblood, Oklahoma's Clendon Thomas on the cover. Very nice. Has light spots, otherwise excellent condition. Very nice condition otherwise. around the country. Very nice full size soft wool felt pennant. 11x14. Measures 5 x 7 inches. New York Giant's Vg+ $20, Eight 1975 WFL Shreveport Steamer's Has rules section in front and equipment Full size pennant. Outstanding condition. Superb condition. Has several tack holes. Has a section on the pro's Fred Sheldon, Don Waddell, Dick Cheney, John Kaufmann, Carroll Lots of photos. autographed by 1947 Heisman winner Johnny Lujack who played for hall of fame wide receiver. Stubs. The 1972 team has Dave Caspar, Greg Marx, Mike Townsend, Pete Has complete 1951 schedules. 12/4/72. The All Stars have OJ Simpson, Larry Csonks etc.. Green Bay has Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Herb Adderly, Willie Davis and numerous other Hall of Famers. national team schedules etc An awesome publication in outstanding Chicago has Mike Ditka, 82 pages. Countless photos. and articles. The center page is loose. Excellent condition. Has excellent war time coverage. 30". condition. 296 pages. John Brodie, Ron Kramer, Tom McDonald, Joe Walton, etc.. Very clean. Football Sign. pennant 30 inches in length (not including tassles). Whitestone Publications. Pennant. Ex/Mt+ $30, 1976 NCAA Football Guide. 100 pages. This NYG Speed Style Mini Helmet has been personally hand-signed by Pro Bowl Corner James Bradberry.

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